8 Bad Work Habits That Almost Ruined My Entrepreneurship Journey

We all have bad work habits, and sure, they may make us a little less productive. These bad habits can consider as normal and we still can tolerate it on our daily lives.

But, when you step up to be an entrepreneur and own a business, everything changes.

It’s sound  pretty simple but bad work habits can make you lost your business that you have just started. Before stepping out fully as an entrepreneur, be sure to eliminate these 8 bad work habits that almost ruined my entrepreneurship journey :

Bad habit #1 : Not planning your day

As an entrepreneur, if you are not set your daily target clearly, then you will only waste your energy, time and money. As I have mentioned in the other article about the productivity tips, when you planning, you can focus and prioritize your working base on the necessary deadline.

Each day, and each week, preview everything you need to do and organize those tasks based on order of importance.

Bad habit #2 : Reacting to emails as soon as they come in

Imagine how much time you have wasted when you to leave what you are doing only to check your email whenever it’s made notification.

If you can respond to it fast, it will be great, However, from all emails you received there must be only few of them that need to urgently respond.

This is about productivity, get yourself discipline, only for 2-3 times in the whole working hours.

One exception to this rule, however, is sales personnel, whose quick email response may prove essential for landing a sale.

Bad habit #3 : Communicating inefficiently

Inefficiently written emails or conversations in meetings might cause a slight hiccup in someone’s average day-to-day work, but in the context of a budding business, these problems may cause serious headaches and make your company look unprofessional.

Take an inventory of your communications skills, and make improvements where necessary. You can learn from the video course about business communication in website like Udemy.com

Don’t rush through anything, and think carefully about what you mean to say.

Bad habit #4 : Stick on very tight schedule

Routines are useful for productivity, especially for everyday tasks you might otherwise forget. However, if it’s becoming a trap for you, this can lead you to other problem in the future.

Startup and new businesses will have moment when they need to respond on the emergency matter and make their innovation as well as give the solution. As an entrepreneur, be flexible enough to change your approach when the situation demands it.

Bad habit #5 : Never taking breaks

When you decide to be an entrepreneur, you will oftenly find yourself work during your breaks to get more done, since it’s basically a free hour or two to add to your total workday.

Nothing wrong with this, as you think you better rather been doing something good on your leisure time. However, working through breaks can take its toll on your psyche and productivity.

As an entrepreneur, 4 hours of great work is better than 8 hours of okay work. And you definitely don’t want to run the risk of burning out.

Bad habit #6 : Running late

When you still work as employee, take 5-10 minutes late normally won’t be a big deal.

But when you positioned yourself as entrepreneur and you are running late for 10 minutes with a prospective client, it can be fatal.

Running late can damage your image. It’s okay to set your own schedule, but when you say you’ll be somewhere, you need to be there, and on time.

Bad habit #7 : Procrastinating on tough projects

In the business, sometimes you will find some tasks that you are not good at and you call them aa tough jobs.

When you keep delaying to do this task, this won’t go away itself, it just going to add up into our task list. If you can’t handle something, delegate it or seek outside assistance. Don’t just set it to the side.

Bad habit #8 : Overly multitasking

Do you think that when you can handle all job at once, you will finish them faster?

Focusing on one thing at a time will double productivity, work output, and performance. And when you’re running a small business, that can mean the difference between success and failure. Force yourself to do one thing at a time by setting a clock or timer for a certain amount of time, and then focus on that one task until it’s complete.

Do you have any bad habit?

Most of people struggling from a bad habit, if you think you have one, I want to hear more about it. Please kindly share how did you handle that.

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