Must Read Marketing Books for Freelancer & Startups


In the ever-evolving word of content marketing, it is more important than ever to be current on the latest trends and tips from those in the know.

Here you will find a collection of books from authors who not only continue to make waves in our industry, but consistently create helpful content to share findings and inspire marketers around the globe.

We have curated the best list of books for business growth and a list of must-reads from the top marketing authors. The result: A library of content goodness to consume year-round. Enjoy!



Growth Hacker Marketing

By: Ryan Holiday

It is perfectly fitting that the guy who wrote the book on media-hacking has now written the book on growth-hacking. Stemming from his experience and hacking growth creatively at American Apparel and with his clients and friends such as Tim Ferriss and folding in stories from innovative companies finding growth in innovative ways, Growth Hacker Marketing is the best way to get up to speed.


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All Marketers Are Liars

By: Seth Godin

I always learn something valuable from Seth Godin and am a huge fan. This book is another classic of straight-forward, no-nonsense, practical marketing advice and insights from a master. It’s also full of Godin’s quirky humor, which helps to soften the blow of finding out some of those cherished beliefs are unfortunately pure nonsense.


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The New Rules of Marketing & PR

By: David Meerman Scott

As marketing and PR has expanded, so has The New Rules of Marketing & PR. Each succeeding edition has contained more advice, more case studies, more details, and more examples. More important, each example has revealed more and more of David’s personal voice. Each edition has revealed David’s continued passion for the topic and his empathy for today’s business and marketing professionals.


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Everybody Writes

By: Ann Handley

Content, we know you are king, but it is time to meet your queen: Ann Handley. From small blogs to mammoth corporations, Ann Handley has reigned them all. With her eye for empathetic material that is easy to understand and implement, she is justified in her sovereignty. Excellent reference book. There’s lots of advice for how to write more deliberate, polished content in this book. Recommended!


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By: Jeffrey K. Rohrs

This is the book I’ve been waiting for because it ignites a conversation that businesses desperately need to have. To be a ‘publisher’ in our social and digital world means that your audience matters more than ever—and is the key to your success. An audience for your content is your biggest marketing asset, and Jeff’s book shows you not just why, but how to serve, honor, and delight the people in your audience—first, and relentlessly.


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The Membership Economy

By: Robbie Kellman Baxter

In today’s business world, it takes more than a website to stay competitive. The smartest, most successful companies are using radically new membership models, subscription-based formats, and freemium pricing structures to grow their customer base―and explode their market valuation―in the most disruptive shift in business since the Industrial Revolution. This is The Membership Economy.


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By: Jay Baer

Youtility, the New York Times best seller by Jay Baer is one of the best business books I’ve ever seen on the dynamics between service and marketing. The information will change the way you think about marketing forever. Youtility is the present and future of business. This book has so much knowledge it was overwhelmingly good.


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Do you have other recommended marketing book to add here?

If you have other recommended business books or marketing book to help startup and small business growth, don’t hesitate to share them in comment bellow. I’ll be happy to add your favorite business book in the list.

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