5 Tips for Business Owner to Build a Professional Website – Great, Fast & Cheap!


Creating a professional web design for a small business or a start-up company can be very expensive and intimidating. A simple web design can often costs you around $2,000. There’s nothing wrong with spending that kind of cash, as long you already have a great business profits.

In the beginning of starting new business, and that kind of cash just isn’t in your budget, there are some great solution to get an inexpensive (but still great!) website for your small business.

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Solution 1: Use crowd sourcing website

Like all we know, a single website can costs you $2,000 or even more. So, using a crowdsourcing company can be handy solution to save money on web design, which provides you a wide variety of design solutions.

By using this kind of service, you’ll pay only for the one web design you like the most, and costs you few hundreds dollars. One of my favorite crowd sourcing website is 99Designs. The package starts from $175 for a custom website design contest.


Launch a web contest



Solution 2: Outsource your web project

A small agency in India and other countries with a lower cost of living, are generally be able to underbid U.S.-based designers for web design and project development. This is an opportunity for you to get the great hourly or fixed price for your very first website.

Some sites like Freelancer and Fiverr give you this kind of solution. Have a look some web developer’s profile on that websites, and see if you like to request a proposal, based on your specifications and budget range.


Find cheap web developer



Solution 3: Buy premium web themes

Another way to get a great website design is buy a web themes. There are some popular marketplace for web themes like Template Monster, Themeforest and Mojo Themes. You can choose the web theme which suits your website concept from $15.

Some seller will give you free support for 6 months if you facing problems with the customization the theme you bought. This cheap and effective solution, worth a shoot.


View all web themes



Solution 4: Hire a web agency for small business

A web agency will not drain your pocket, not all of them. If you prefer to work with a small agency for a startup and small business, there are few specialized web agencies which serving this kind of service.

These web agencies offer web design packages, with reasonable prices, but will not leave quality behind.


View our portfolio



Solution 5: Learn the basic and do it your self

You don’t need to be a web expert to build your first website. If you like to challenge your self and want to try something new, this is it. You can start it by sign up for online courses services and take a web design course for beginner. You will learn how to make a simple website that works for you in just one day!

A site like Udemy.com, has thousands tutors and millions tutorial videos that you can access starting from $10.

These online course provides various topics you can choose, from marketing, branding, web design, or even cooking class. All in one place!


Learn the basic now



What’s your favorite solution?

However, if you don’t have the funds to hire a big web agency, these options can help you launch a website on a shoestring budget. The bottom line, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to create a simple website that will get your small business or startup off to a good start.

So, what is the solution of your choice to make a great website on low budget?

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