7 Best Way to Promote Your New Website Without Emptying Your Pocket

By December 3, 2015Sales & Marketing

As you interested to this article, I assumed that you have launched your new website and ready to use it as a moneymaker.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for your  new website!

How is your progress so far?

Are you struggling to get more visitors to your site? I can say that it’s totally normal. Especially when it’s a new launch, it will need some efforts to make people interest and make their visits.

With your great business concept and original idea, I’m sure that you have imagined that after the big launch, your website will booming and get millions visitors. However you couldn’t expect this dream come true soon as you have small budget for promotion. But you are not the only one, most of new online business owners have this experience.

Here, in this article, I want to share few effective tips that you can start to promote your new website without emptying your pocket.

Share something valuable for FREE

People love when it’s FREE, right? You can definitely use this to grab some new clients for your business. Whatever your product or service is, there must be something to share for FREE and definitely not make your business minus.

For example if you have a shoes online shop, you can share FREE e-book about how to take care a leather shoes or 20% disc. voucher for the second item. Or anything else which not costly but give value to your customers.

Blogging & guest blogging

Beside E-book, blog is one other great way to share some FREE knowledge to your prospect.

You can start your personal blog or as a guest blogger in some existing blogs which have high traffic, with this way, you can get some new readers and direct them to your own website.

The article should not always about your product or services but more to create a community and to interact with people who probably become your business prospect in the future. Assist people with their challenge and they will not hesitate to do the business with you.

Don’t be afraid of social media

Where did you find “crowd” in digital world? For sure the answer will be social media. It can’t be deny that social media is the best place to get attention from your prospects in the internet.

The good news is, the cost for promotion in social media is not as expensive that you imagine. As long as you know your target market for your business and know how to advertise, for sure you can maximize your budget.

Use the power of “trending topic”

When you finally found your “crowd” in social media, your next step will be, to find what is the trending topic?

When they discussing about something up to date, this is what they called trending topic.

Learn how to use the trending topic on promotional or article for your blog.

For example, if people busy to talk about global warming, than you can advertise your product as a product that help to lesser the impact of global warming.

Keep yourself update with the new things and find a low cost advertisement using trending topic.

Upgrade your website to mobile ready

Nowadays, most of people are using their gadget to visit a website, so will you ignore this fact?

As an online business owner, you have to provide an easy access for everyone to visit your website, wherever and whenever they are.

It’s become mandatory, especially when you promote your online business through social media. The statistic said that 80% of internet population accessing their social media account with smartphone.

How your website will appear in their mobile phone? Has your website  ready for this? Let’s upgrade to responsive website today!

Invest in great visual style and keep branding consistent

Let’s imagine Coca Cola and Pepsi, when you put them side by side in the glass bottle with the same size, same price and without label. Would you know the difference? At this point, you need to consider to put your investment on branding your product.

What is ideal investment when we talk about logo and good website? It’s not necessary to be expensive, as long as you are not working with big agency. Find a brand agency which specialty on branding small business or startups.

The point is, shown image consistency from the start, mark your target market, so you can find the style for your brand. In few months, people will recognize your online business from the style that you wear.

Give it a few months

However, there’s no business empire which success in one night, so does your online business. Plan your promotion strategical as mentioned above and make your review in next 6 months. After that you will know the best method that work well for your online business.

Do you have any idea in low cost promotion for your website?

Please share your experience and low cost idea to promote your online business in the comment below.

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