16 Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Branding Inspiration

By January 23, 2016Design & Identity

Branding a restaurant or cafe is a huge task for any illustrator or graphic designer. It has to evoke the ethos of the establishment as well as enticing new customers, meaning it has to look great but provide important information too. These 16 examples did a great job at doing so – take a look at their impeccable presentation.



unique-restaurant-branding-identity elegant-restaurant-menu-designs cafe-branding-and-stationery-design burger-restaurant-menu-and-packaging-design bottle-label-design


Your brand is the visual incarnation of your company’s personality, principles and preferred dog breed. If you want to let your customers know what you stand for; what you value and what you contribute to society in general, you must have a well-defined branding strategy and identity design.

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pizza-restaurant-menu-and-branding organic-healthy-food-packaging-design modern-and-cool-restaurant-branding minimalis-restaurant-branding-ideas hipster-restaurant-branding-identity


If you’re stuck with a generic looking packaging design then apply an uncommon design style with strong “visual standards”. For example, if everybody is using a horizontal layout, reach for vertical. If most designs are rather contemporary, try introducing something retro with focus on quality appeal. Be bold, be different and look into other product categories for unexpected sources of inspiration.

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health-food-restaurant-branding takeaway-food-packaging steak-house-restaurant-branding-identity restaurant-menu-and-tag-design western-restaurant-branding-identity vintage-theme-restaurant-branding


If you’re just starting out, I definitely recommend to view more design inspiration or check the resources to find and hire a great designer on the cheap for your next design project.

I found these restaurant and cafe branding inspiration from Pinterest. Please leave a comment bellow if you know the information about the designer, so I can add a link to original image source. And make sure to vote for your favorite design and add the best you’ve ever seen in the list!

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